self care

Twenty Five

Every year at my birthday I write out a list of things I’m grateful for in my life. A practice I picked up from another blog I really like.

While the post is extremely late since my birthday is in October, I did write out my list in my journal…

I am grateful for:

  1. a fall birthday with crisp, cool air
  2. a beautiful little girl who has helped me redefine love
  3. the strength it took to bring her into the world
  4. how wonderful of a dad Michael is becoming
  5. how wonderful of a husband he’s always been
  6. the lake and how close it is to our house
  7. good friends who will walk with me
  8. my mom and her endless support
  9. being back in my hometown where my heart can sing
  10. being able to visit Asheville whenever I want
  11. learning compassion – although this is an endless lesson
  12. a strong body to carry me and the baby
  13. my fast recovery and how easy that’s been
  14. getting the hang of breastfeeding!!!
  15. our secure financial position
  16. being on the same page and being able to talk about money
  17. having a community that cares for and supports us
  18. growing as a person
  19. the fact it’s okay and encouraged to grow
  20. our neighborhood and how wonderful the location is
  21. beautiful pieces to decorate my home with
  22. cute kitty cuddles
  23. halloween!
  24. my friend Fan
  25. naps with baby on my chest

only after I write my list for the year do I get to go back and read past years…

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