Sugar and Spice

and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.

Little one, we found out last week that you are a GIRL! I can’t even express how happy my heart is. I’ve never been able to imagine myself raising a boy, but I realized early in this pregnancy, that just because I haven’t imagined it, doesn’t mean that eggs and sperm will cooperate. I had actually kind of resigned myself to having a boy – because things tend to happen the exact opposite of what we expect.

M is thrilled, he says a boy seems much harder. I dunno about that, but I’m terribly excited for little dresses and tea parties. (or not, that okay too, little one)

I’m 20 weeks today. Suddenly time that I felt like was crawling, now feels like it’s flying. There are discussions happening about your baby shower and more concrete plans being made for your arrival since that’s only 4 months away!

I’ve started feeling your kicks. At least more regularly. Last night you kept me awake for a while – I hope that once the novelty of your movements wears off, I’ll be able to rest through them. But it’s such a thrill every time I feel a little thump.

hugs and kisses coming soon.

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