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Twenty Four

There is a blog that I absolutely adore. Not your typical high-profile, ads everywhere kind of blog. It’s written by a woman who, I suspect, lives in my old town and she just writes about her life. She’s not trying to sell anything or give advice, she just writes love letters – to her daughter, her family, herself. Every time I go to her I am overwhelmed by nostalgia about a life that isn’t mine.

How incredible is that?

I want to write about my life and not worry about SEO or readability. Posts should be for me and if someone else enjoys reading them then that’s great, maybe it will help them feel connected or normal if they are struggling with similar things to what I struggle with.

One thing Sweet Potato Claire does is a gratitude list every year. My birthday was last week, so this is a perfect time to express gratitude.

In no particular order:

  1. Being back in my home city, DC was tiresome and NC feels like slipping into an old pair of jeans
  2. My husband for being a pillar to lean on
  3. Kitty snuggles
  4. Working with my mom to grow her business – it’s been a long time since we’ve spent this much time together and its awesome working together to achieve the same goal.
  5. My sweet siblings who are growing up way to fast (10 and 6, whatttttt)
  6. Setting my own schedule – it’s sweet
  7. Getting to the ocean – it’s been seven years since I was last on Topsail Island and it was quite rejuvenating
  8. All of our travel this year. LA, Boston, Michigan – for someone who had never flown in a plane until 2016, I’m racking up quite the sky miles. Next stop, the desert. Or maybe Washington state.
  9. Bullet journaling and finally finding a system that works for me and my life
  10. Our reliable car that carries us all over
  11. My church. I spent most of my life despising the christian faith for more reasons than I can count, but my husband and I found a place here that is so welcoming and actually accepting of everyone and where they are on their spiritual journey. I’m happy to be building community with these folks
  12. Finding the enneagram – what an incredible tool. Both for knowing yourself and for improving yourself. We’ve only been studying for a short time (I haven’t even fully identified my type(s)) but it has already been an incredible blessing to my husband and I.
  13. To piggy back off the last one, I’m grateful for being able to recognize the tension and pressure points in my marriage are symptoms of our types (shadow selves) and that we can work on them.
  14. I love where we live right now. It’s with my mom and that is certainly full of its own struggles – I am very ready to have our own place – but our location right now is perfect for our lives.
  15. Fresh cut flowers – something I need to add more of to my life.
  16. Big windows to let in lots of light – particularly the window next to my new desk.
  17. The drive within me to live a more natural life which leads me to be healthier overall.
  18. An excellently curated Pandora station – the soundtrack of my life.
  19. The group of ladies I meet with every week – Wednesday has become my favorite day
  20. My left-brain mind that keeps things around me organized (especially when I don’t have to even think about it)
  21. Enjoying this time when we are “pre-child”. They’ll come sooner or later and I know everything will change – there is a lot to appreciate.
  22. On that note, I’m grateful for our ability to drop everything and act. Whether it’s moving several states away (or moving back) or being able to jump on a new job opportunity. Mobility is a luxury.
  23. My hair is getting longer, which I love.
  24. The thrift store down the road that has incredible clothes and benefits domestic violence victims in the area.

I want to make this a regular, yearly tradition and birthdays seem like a great cue.

If you want, check out the lovely blog:

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